Aerial photography and videography is becoming increasingly important and popular.  It is useful for Realtors, Contractors, and/or Home Inspectors who need photos of the outside of the house in areas that are not accessible for a good photo.  Our drones shoot both photos and videos in stunning 4k HD.  You can’t get a photo of the whole roof without gaining height to get the shot.  Often, it is unsafe for a Home Inspector to get up on a three story home with a metal roof.  Having a drone to take photos or videos of hidden flashings such as the back of a chimney or various merges of roof portions makes this advantageous.  For Realtors, aerial shots display the property in new and exciting ways.  All this, and more, can be accomplished with a Drone.  Here are some photos taken at two homes during a home inspection.  If you are interested in having drone photos or videos taken, please contact us to discuss your details.  And, for any fun occasion, there is nothing like a group photo from the sky.